The acquisition of a property in the new,
offers you various guarantees related to VEFA.

The financial guarantee of completion

To be certain that the developer will complete the project and guarantee the buyers the completion of construction, article R261-21 b of the French Construction and Housing Code requires obtaining a financial guarantee of completion. .
Imagine promotion contracts this guarantee, for all its achievements, with a banking organization, which would replace the promoter, in case of difficulty, to ensure the completion of construction until obtaining the certificate of conformity.

Résidence de standing

The guarantee of apparent defects

When receiving your goods, it will be necessary to record the visible defects on the report of reception.
This warranty extends for 1 month. You have the possibility to complete this report by sending your reservations by registered letter.
Thus, the promoter will commit to remedy these defects as soon as possible, by coordinating the interventions of the companies by its after-sales service.

The guarantee of perfect completion

Construction companies undertake, by this guarantee to resume the disorders or poor workmanship that may occur on the residence, for a period of 1 year, from the receipt of the building.

The interventions are coordinated between the purchasers and the companies by the after-sales service of the promoter.

The biennial guarantee

This two-year warranty applies to all separable pieces of equipment from the structural work, from the date of receipt of the building. Examples: (water heaters, toilets, taps …)

The ten-year guarantee

This guarantee covers disorders that compromise the solidity of the building or rendering it unfit for habitation for a period of 10 years.