The reservation contract

This contract is established by the notary, it validates and block the apartment you have chosen and its selling price.
It defines the obligations of each party and specifies the particular conditions and characteristics of your home.
It is signed by both parties, along with sales plans and a detailed project description.

The bank loan

If you finance your property with a bank loan, you will have 15 days to contact your advisor and 1 month to obtain a financing agreement from the bank. To apply for a loan, your advisor will need the following:

  • The copy of your reservation contract
  • Copy of your last payslips or your turnover statement (patented)
  • An ID
  • For the defiscalisants: your tax notices for the last 2 years

The loan offer

2 months maximum after the reservation, the bank will have to emit your loan offer, which you will sign with them.
You will then have to reconfirm your agreement after 11 days, according to the Scrivener law, to confirm your agreement on this offer and give a copy to the notary so that he can draft the authentic deed of sale.

The draft authentic act

When the notary has received all the necessary elements for the drafting of the authentic deed, he will send you the draft deed by registered letter including:

  • A copy of the act
  • The final plans
  • The detailed description
  • The co-ownership regulations
  • The proportionate share to be paid for the progress of works and the acquisition costs
  • A power of attorney (for the defiscalisants)

Upon receipt of these documents, you have the opportunity to use the 1 month period to read and take the legal advice you need, before signing the deed of sale.
For sales tax exemption, the notary will send you a power of attorney, allowing you to be represented on the day of the signing of the deed.
This power of attorney is to be regularized by you at the notary of your choice.

The signing of the deed of sale

The signature of the authentic deed will be done before notary. The notary fees will be paid today in their entirety.
For off-plan sales, the payment of funds will be based on the progress of the work and according to the projected schedule of calls for funds that has been presented to you.
If your property is completed, the entire sale price will be paid in full on the day of the signing of the deed.

Calls for funds

When you buy a property for Sale in State of Future Completion (VEFA), you pay the funds as and when the progress of the work, according to the regulations in force.
On the attestation of a person skilled in the art, who justifies the completion of each stage of advancement, the promoter will send you by registered mail:

  • A copy of the certificate of progress of the construction stages
  • The count of the sum to be paid

You just need to bring these documents to your bank advisor, so that your loan is disbursed and funds paid into the central account of the promoter who centralizes all receipts.
If you buy a property in equity, you just need to pay the amount requested on the bank account of the notary.

The delivery of keys

On the day of the delivery of the keys of your accommodation, on site, with a representative of Imagine Promotion, you will sign together the “statement of status report.”

This PV allows you to record any perceived defects that you might notice such as scratches, stains … that can not prevent you from hanging in your apartment, but that will have to be taken back under the guarantees of the VEFA.

You will therefore have to take out a multi-risk insurance policy for your new home. You will make your steps to open an account for electricity, telephone … thanks to the technical references that will be stipulated on the PV report of places.