Taxation in Dom Tom is not the same depending on territories. Each territory applies its own laws.
The acquisition costs are paid in full at the signing of the deed of sale and are broken down as follows:

  • the fees of the notary
  • disbursements (expenses advanced by the notary: cadastre …)
  • territorial taxes (conservative – registration …)

Some of its fees are fixed and others vary according to the purchase price.

In French Polynesia

acquisition rights are:

Estimated at around 7% for all acquisition costs, registration fees and notary fees regardless of the property purchased.
If it’s a first purchase and whatever your age, the fees are reduced. It is mandatory to live in the main residence for 5 years.

Exemption from the property tax:

The purchase of a new home in French Polynesia entitles you to a temporary exemption from property tax for 10 years from the date of completion of the work.

VAT is not applicable in French Polynesia for the acquisition of real estate.

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